Learning Modern Java: Lambdas

By Jacob Jensen

A free introductory video course on applying functional programming in Java 8 with Lambdas.

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Are You Missing Out on One of Java’s Coolest New Features?

We've got your back.

This series will get you up to speed on Lambdas, one of the most exciting features ever added to Java. If the lambda syntax is unknown, unfamiliar, or confusing to you now, then you are in the right place; by the end of this lesson you will know it like the back of your hand.

Whether you are a hardened Java veteran, a fresh college graduate just getting your feet wet, or are a programmer no Java specific experience at all, this series will reveal the power and flexibility of Lambdas in Java 8 using entertaining examples and common scenarios. Together we will explore how we can turn verbose and brittle code into terse and reusable functions by incrementally improving Java 7-style code using functional programming inspired Lambdas.

So don't get left in the dust—check out this series and wow your friends (and your boss) with your new Lambda chops.

What You’ll Learn In This Series

  • Learn how you can leverage lambdas in existing Java 7-style code
  • Understand how lambdas work in the background, and when they are appropriate to use
  • See how the tried-and-true Comparator interface can become a one-line lambda
  • Discover the power and versatility of the Function, Consumer, and Predicate functional interfaces, and how you can utilize them to refactor obtuse code into elegant, reusable lambdas
  • Pick up some of the useful optimizations available in Java 8, like method references and the forEach default method, and see how they can make your code cleaner and more efficient

What's Included

Course Overview

Part 1: Java 7 vs Java 8 (Click to view!)

Out with the old, in with the new

4m 47s

Part 2: Comparing with Comparator

Using Java's Comparator interface as a lambda

6m 28s

Part 3: Battling Orcs with Function

Learning the "Function" functional interface

10m 38s

Part 4: Filtering Orcs with Predicate

Learning the "Predicate" functional interface

10m 41s

Part 5: Insulting Orcs with Consumer

Learning the "Consumer" functional interface

6m 25s

Part 6: Simplifying with ForEach

Learn to use the new Collections helper methods

2m 5s

Part 7: In Review and Looking Forward

Wrapping up and looking forward to streams

1m 37s

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